International Criminal Radavan Karadzic to Hide in Belarus
19:13, 11/09/2007

In November 1997 when the elections where to be held in Bosnia under
the supervision of the NATO, the leader of the Bosnian Serbs Radavan
Karadzic was taken on board the Russian plane to Belarus. Here he
lived for several months. This information is derived from the "World
and Punishment" book of the former employee of the Hague court
marshal, "Le Monde" journalist Florence Hartman, the BBC informs.

According to Hartman Great
Britain, USA and France purposefully left
Serb leaders Radovan Karadzic and Radka Mladzic wanted for genocide
during the Bosnian conflict of 1992-1995 free.

According to Hartman, in May 1997 leaders of the USA and Great Britain
seconded by Germany persuaded the French president not to influence
upon the situation of a probable arrest of Karadzic, the Radio Ratsia

The French leader was made to acknowledge the arguments of the other
that such operation must not be conducted without informing Russia
about it.

President of the Serb Republic Radovan Karadzic and his mate commander
of the Serb army of Bosnian Serbs Radka Mladzic were charged of a
number of military crimes against humanity committed in the Bosnian
war of 1992-1995.They are also accused of Sarajevo blockade when over
10 thousand peaceful people perished in street fights and also of
shooting 8 thousand Muslims in the Bosnian Srebrenica.

It is to be mentioned that previously the world mass media also made
hints at the might -be hiding place of leader of the Croatian Serbs
Goran Hadzic charged by the Hague court marshal of crimes in 1991-1995
in Belarus.