PM: Nobody Will Take Away Votes from Diaspora
After the SDP on Saturday, the HDZ began hunting votes last night with
a clear message - we will stay in power the following four years.

Lajla Mlinarić

Nataša Zečević

>From the town which fell six months ago as the last fort of the
Croatian Democratic Union's (HDZ) power in Slavonia, Slavonski Brod,
Prime Minister Ivo Sanader started his campaign with determination. In
front of more than 2,000 envoys, Sanader last night said: "We are off
to a new electoral victory". After the Social Democrats on Saturday,
the HDZ thus started a hunt for votes from
Croatia, but also from the
Diaspora, which the prime minister is not renouncing, which was a
clear message last night, especially to voters from Bosnia-

Who has the right to take away right to vote from the Diaspora?

-I am sad that some are bringing
Croatia's emigrants into question. I
do not know why emigrants and the Croat people in Bosnia-Herzegovina
bother them - president of the HDZ, Ivo Sanader said, adding nobody
would rescind the Diaspora's right to vote as long as the HDZ was in

The prime minister explained why, for example, the SDP, led by Zoran
Milanovic, was against the Diaspora voting. The reason - that they do
not get those votes.

HDZ's Achievements and Announcements

During his address, the prime minister reiterated the economic
successes of his government, as well as those it will achieve when
they win in the elections. The issue of debt to pensioners has been
resolved, as well as the seven percent economic growth. In plan is the
continuation of the VC corridor, the construction of the Danube-Sava
channel, as well as the passing of a law on minimal wages.

-Who has the right to take away the voting rights for Croatian
elections from these people only because they do not receive those
votes? The criterion for that is not taxes, but nationality - Sanader
was clear.

The prime minister was exceptionally convinced of victory on November
25. He was even more convinced, he admitted, after he had received the
results of the recent poll according to which the HDZ is leading by
several points ahead of Milanovic's SDP. So we will persist to win
another mandate to complete started projects, he continued.

Referendum on entering NATO dangerous for

Although during his address he did not directly mention his main
competitors in the fight for votes, the SDP, Sanader commented another
example of why the two parties cannot agree - the referendum on entry
into NATO.

-They should not force issues that could be detrimental to
Croatia and
that could deter
Croatia's access to the most important world
associations - the prime minister told his political adversaries that
advocate such a referendum.

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